duMont Smooth – Single Pack

duMont Smooth

Dumont Smooth Cigarettes offer a balanced smoking experience that combines the best of both worlds: a rich, satisfying flavor with a slightly milder taste than their full-flavored counterparts. These cigarettes are perfect for smokers who enjoy a flavorful smoking experience but prefer a less intense option.

Dumont Smooth Cigarettes deliver a balanced flavor that is neither too strong nor too mild. The carefully selected tobacco blend provides a satisfying taste with just the right amount of intensity, making it an appealing option for a wide range of smokers.

Each pack of Dumont Smooth Cigarettes contains 20 king-size cigarettes, carefully designed for a perfect burn and an even draw. The distinctive blue packaging is a classic symbol of quality and sophistication.

When comparing Dumont Smooth Cigarettes to Dumont Full Cigarettes, the key difference lies in the intensity of flavor and nicotine content. Dumont Smooth Cigarettes offer a milder, more balanced taste, while Dumont Full Cigarettes cater to those who prefer a robust and full-bodied flavor.

10 Pack / 20 Cigarettes or 8 Pack / 25 Cigarettes Will be Sent to you.

*Actual Product is labeled Smooth and not Lights

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