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For a relaxed and soothing body high, India is the preferred cannabis strain. The indicia plant grows shorter but faster than the sativa plant, yielding bulkier buds. These are typically dark green and have more CBD than THC. Cannabis indica is usually used to treat pain-related issues, and its recommended for evening or nighttime use.

Indica strains induce high dopamine, increased appetite, mental and muscular relaxation, and drowsiness which makes it easier to fall asleep Indica is the strain of choice for tackling anxiety), insomnia, and muscle spasms.


Hybrid marijuana strains are made by cross-breeding sativa and indica strains. Such varieties are made to give you the best of both worlds; indeed, they do. Hybrids can be divided into three categories: Sativa dominant, Indica dominant, balanced, and pure hybrids.

Hybrid weed strikes the perfect balance between a body and cerebral high. It gives the user the benefits of Indica strains with the same active feeling you get from cannabis sativa. Hybrid strains are designed for a more balanced effect with the right mix of CBD and THC.


Cannabis Sativa strains provide an energizing experience. The plant grows tall, skinny, and has thinner leaves than the Indica plant. Sativa plants take longer to grow and yield bright green, fluffy buds with higher concentrations of THC than CBD.

Contrary to Indica, Sativa strains are known to produce a cerebral high that users often describe as uplifting and stimulating. It is ideal for the wake and bake session and holds a high potential for stirring creativity and increasing motivation. The Sativa strain increases serotonin (the neurochemical that regulates mood) and is great for social activities.